January 23, 2015

GBT 2TON GRAY Klenspop review

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Stock photo. 

The one to the right.

♡ Price: 15 USD
♡ From the brand G&G Contact lens
♡ The diameter is 14.3 mm and the base curve is 8.8 mm
♡The water content of these are 38%
♡ They last for a year after being opened and used. 

These are the same ones as GBT 2TON Brown, but in the colour gray! They cost the same and they feel exactly the same. As you can see in the picture these also blends really well with my blue eyes. My eyes look a little more gray in this picture, but I think they would blend well on anyone with light eyes. The outer rim is just a little stronger than my natural one and it also blends well around the pupil. These so also look very natural, but with a small enlargement. 

My overall opinion: 

♡  Comfort - 9/10
♡ Design - 6/10
♡  Colour - 9/10

I think these would look great on both natural makeup or crossplaying. Even though I wish the gray colour would be more.. gray. Not so see through as it is, so it almost comes out as blue on blue eyes, But these are very comfortable and it almost feels like they shapes after the shape of your eyes. Which just makes them even more comfortable than they were in the first place!  


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! I'll soon be up with another review for a pair of blue lenses. So stay tuned! I also have some blog posts planned, I just have to take my time an write them. Well, school first, but I'll do my best to finish the other one next week! 

Be sure to check out Klenspop to see all of their great products! I highly recommend them. Great quality and you get a free lens case and tweezers with every pair of contact lenses you order. Great communication and you affordable products. 

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