January 23, 2015

GBT 2TON Brown Kelnspop review

❤ GBT 2TON Brown ❤

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Stock photo. 

The one to the left. 
♡ Price: 15 USD
♡ From the brand G&G Contact lens
♡ The diameter is 14.3 mm and the base curve is 8.8 mm
♡The water content of these are 38%
♡ They last for a year after being opened and used.

These lenses have a lovely hazel brown colour. With a simple, but still pretty design these lenses blend super well with my natural eye colour as you can see in the picture. The edges on this pair is not as harsh as Twister Caramel Brown, so they look even more natural. That's also why I went with a more natural makeup-look without false lashes. These are perfect for those with green/blue eyes but want to have brown eyes for a change, and if you don't want them to look too unnatural. At first they felt a little weird on my eye, but that feeling didn't last for long. After a few minutes I couldn't feel them any more! Which is amazing. I'll mention it again; I prefer bigger lenses, because I like that dolly-ish look. But for those with smaller eyes than me I'm sure 14.3 mm will make a slightly bigger difference. 

My overall opinion: 

♡  Comfort - 9/10
♡ Design - 6/10
♡  Colour - 10/10

Natural, pretty lenses with a strong colour and they are super comfortable!  I don't think people would have guessed that you were wearing lenses with these ones in.Highly recommended for those who want natural brown eyes, even if they have naturally blue/green eyes. 

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