December 24, 2014

Klenspop Circle Lens Review

Hi everyone and merry Christmas!*:・゚✧

Klenspop have send me a pair of circle lenses to review! How nice of them! (*/∇\*) So that's what I'll be doing now. I could choose the pair I wanted to review myself, so I chose a pair called Ice Flower Gray. They looked really interesting, because they had a design that I'v never really seen before. I also really like circle lenses with a black outer rim. I think it makes my eyes look more dolly. And as you guys maybe know; I like to have more of a dolly- than a natural look. So let's get started!

I'll just start of by telling a little bit about the packaging. Since it's really important that the items arrive in good condition. And they did! There were no problems with, what-so-ever. The shipping was also pretty fast, even if it was send from Korea. I was a little afraid it would take some extra time because of Christmas traffic and such, but it didn't. So I'm very pleased with that! 

This is how the package looked when I picked it up at the post office. Everything was nicely wrapped so everything would arrive safe. Inside everything was wrapped in bubble wrap for even better protection. 

The lenses were placed inside a pretty little box with their logo that said: "Eyes needs style too. Find out about myself by unique & individual lens. "
 On the other side of the box there was a step by step tutorial, "Contact lens manual", on how you put in and use your lenses.Which can be very helpful if it's  your first time wearing contact lenses. And yes, everything is written in English!

You even get a free contact lens case and tweezers! I'v never used a contact lens tweezers before, but after doing so I must say its pretty helpful. So you don't have to dig into the lens cases with your fingers to get the lenses out. This is much easier and way more hygienic. Just try not to squeeze to hard when picking up the lens, because it might get damaged. And you don't want that!

The eye power on the different lenses. I don't use glasses, so I have 0.00 on both my left and right eye. 

Some pictures of the lenses and their design!

♡ Price: 13 USD
♡ From the brand T.TOP
♡ The diameter is 14.00 mm and the base curve is 8.6 mm
♡The water content of these are 38%
♡ They last for a year after being opened and used. 

As I said in my last review( you can read it here!) I have pretty big eyes, so I normaly use 15-17mm contact lenses to get the dolly effect that I like. But for these to be only 14.00mm they look a lot bigger! I think it's because of the black outer rim. If you want a more natural look I recommend you to go for lenses without/or with less of a outer rim. But since I like dolly-looking eyes, I like these lenses!
Picture from my last review.
As you can see in the picture above I have naturally light blue eyes. So I was really curios on how the design would look on my eyes. But they blend pretty well!

Here I'm wearing one of the lenses and you can see the difference. It's unbelievable that these are only 14.00 mm! 
Sorry for the terrible angle, I had to lean back to get the best lightning. Here I'm wearing both of the lenses, and you can see how the lenses blend with my own eye colour.

 My overall opinion: 
♡  Comfort - 9/10
♡ Design - 8/10
♡  Colour - 10/10

Since I don't know the base curve of my eye different lenses feels different on my eyes. Because of all the different base curves. These ones were a little weird at the beginning. They didn't stay in my eyes and were moving a lot when I blinked. But after a while everything worked just fine. The design is very unique. It's nothing like I'v seen before. I think I'm not that used to such harsh designs. I'm used to wearing more smooth looking ones, but these are more than okay! It's fun to try something new anyway! I'm super surprised of how big these lenses look for their size. Big eyes or not - these will definitely give you a dolly and cute look! 

That was it! Check out their website to find a lot of different brands and products for a really good price! If you do, I would appreciate it if you used the banner on the right side of my blog. 
They had great communication so it was a pleasure to work with them! Thank you! Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. 

I hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful holiday! (✿◠‿◠)

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